Stations of the cross

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The 5 churches within the Benefice of Central Barnsley have worked together to bring you 15 reflections on each station of the cross.


Throughout Barnsley town centre, you will find 15 QR codes, each linking to a specific station of the cross.  To scan a QR code, you may be able to use your mobile phone's camera app; if not, you can download a free QR scanner from your phone's app store.

Alternatively, all the stations are available to view through this website.  Station 15 will be released on Easter Sunday.

QR code locations

Station One

St George's Church,

York Street,

Station Two

St George's Remembrance Garden - Gate on George's Street,

Station Three

The Book Vault,

Market Street

(Back of Marks & Spencer)

Station Four

Ant's Deals On Heels,

New Street

(Key cutting shop)

Station Five

Raison Opticians,


(Opposite Alhambra entrance)

Station Six

Exodus Charity Shop,


(Old Top Shop premises)

Station Seven

Exodus Charity Shop,


(Old Top Shop premises)

Station Eight

Norwood & Perrin Opticians,

Midland Street

(Opposite Bus Station)

Station Nine

Egg Free Cake Box,

Eldon Street

(Opposite AJ Simms)

Only visible 10am-6pm when shutters open

Station Ten

Old George Cafe,

Market Hill

(On community board inside: open 9am-3pm)

One way system in cafe

Station Eleven

Barnsley 6th Form College,

Shambles Street

Station Twelve

The Cooper Art Gallery,

Church Street

Station Thirteen

Barnsley College,

Old Mill Lane site,

Church Street 

Station Fourteen

St Mary's Church,

Church Street,


Station Fifteen

St Mary's Church,

Church Street,


Displayed Easter Sunday

Happy Easter

From all five churches that make up the Benefice of Central Barnsley.