Training opportunities from the Diocese

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Spring course - starts 20 Jan

Summer course - starts 25 April

Pastoral Assistant Training (online)

A 10 session, Level 2 course, delivered weekly in an online Zoom meeting room, to encourage confidence and skill in those involved in providing pastoral care and support in parishes within the Diocese of Leeds.

Follow the link for more information and booking: Spring course and Summer course

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Self-paced, online course

Leading Intercessions (self-paced course)

All Christians are called to share in the ministry of Christ’s intercession for the whole world.  Often in our worship service, we are led in prayer by others. The task of leading such prayers is both a privilege and a responsibility. It can also be quite daunting!  This course offers encouragement and ideas to help all involved with this important role.

Follow the link for more information and booking: Leading Intercessions

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Self-paced, online course

Discovery Course (self-paced)

This is a self-paced version of our established Discovery Course which aims to help you to discover how and where God is calling you to serve others. The course material requires approximately 10-12 hours of individual study. Participants interact with one another and with the course tutor through discussion forums. 

Follow the link for more information and booking: Self-paced Discovery course

There are many more courses available on the Leeds Diocese digital learning platform.